Gurn… a user’s story:

Dimitri, Ripjar

“If you want to save a lot of time finding things when you have forgotten where they are on the Internet, use Gurn”

Dimitri, Ripjar

Dimitri is the Security Product Manager at Ripjar. They develop unique technology for global threat detection. Illuminating financial crimes across any data source, Ripjar’s scalable approach to threat detection exposes increasingly hidden and complex criminal behaviour.


His role includes working with the sales team in a pre-sales capacity, assisting the development team with releases and feature prioritisation, creating marketing materials and driving engagement with current and prospective clients.

Q. How did you hear about Gurn?

I had seen the benefits of a keyword based approach or a semantic approach to finding resources on the Internet which I liked and enjoyed. Google filled one of those blanks but not quite the whole lot.


I know both the founders. We used to work together so when they told me about Gurn, I had to give it a try.

Q. How would you describe Gurn?

“For an elevator pitch like explanation: if you want to save a lot of time finding things when you have forgotten where they are on the Internet, use this. And the second sentence is usually… you use it by adding keywords or sentences you remember easily to get to those resources. That is how I pitch it.”

Q. What was life like before Gurn?

We use lots of different applications which are SaaS or cloud-based, therefore lots of URLs and resources for different clients. Add to that different job functions and jumping between them all was an absolute nightmare.


Gurn saves me a lot of cognitive dissonance and time. Time that I have spent stressing, even subconsciously, about things I cannot find but know they exist. Or I don’t know where they exist and I have to go rooting through old Slack logs or my emails to find a link that someone has sent me… it’s a real time saver.

‘I need to work at pace, and Gurn makes me faster than I’ve ever been’

Q. How do you use Gurn?

It frees up a lot of your cognitive abilities for your brain. It is literally offloading information out of my head which I don’t need to store – like where did I put that file, or where does that document live, where did I put that time sheet? I don’t need any of that in my head.


Some specific examples would be:


  • I can launch everything I need for a client demo with one address bar command. I now have a Keyword for each client vertical which makes my life really easy


  • URLs get copied into Slack and are lost forever, but Gurn enables me to save a meaningful Keyword or phrase to them, which is also shared with the team, meaning we can all get back to the URLs instantly


  • We have lots of really long server URLs and they change a lot, so bookmarks are useless. I use Gurn so I can update the URL the Gurn Keyword points to when the server URL changes. This means there’s no interruption to my colleagues’ workflow as the Keyword they use remains the same


  • I can now jump to specific Google Drive folders with one command, no more endless clicking around


It saves me a lot of time. We don’t have a lot of time. The calendar is always full, so clawing back a few of those minutes even if it is at a slightly psychological level is gratifying which makes me feel better and more in control of my time which is useful.

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