Gurn… a user’s story:

Alex, Financial Services

“It seemed like a no-brainer as I had this proliferation of bookmarks and content where I didn’t know where it all was… I can now get to things quickly.”

Alex, Financial Services

Alex is a Business Analyst at a Financial Services company with over 20,000 employees that covers finance media and sells software products and hard copy materials to clients across the globe.


He finds himself working on multiple projects which use lots of web-based tools and applications. The projects are fast-moving, with agreed client deadlines, and so his team is always looking for an edge to make them more productive, and a bookmark alternative for work was high up their list.

Q. How did you hear about Gurn?

I met Rory, one of the co-founders, a while a go. We started talking about how we’ve seen different companies run projects, how it’s getting harder to collaborate with colleagues and find the information you need. He then showed me Gurn and explained how people were using it for technical projects as a bookmark alternative for work.


It was kind of a no-brainer to try it out as I had this proliferation of bookmarks and content where I don’t know where it all is. I wanted to see if Gurn could help me cut down wasted time, and to share artifacts with people who may not be as familiar with where something is.

Q. How would you describe Gurn?

I just say that it is essentially a tool that allows you to link a set of keywords with different URLs… then I say it removes the need for bookmarks, now you can just type and get to it, opposed to having to click and get to it. Yeah, a bookmark alternative for work.

‘It’s getting harder to collaborate with colleagues and find the information you need’

Q. What was life like before Gurn?

Deep question… frustrating and annoying on a daily basis.


Like searching for things and getting thousands of results back, which is annoying as I know exactly what I want as I’ve seen it before, but I have to trawl through it all.


Also, people used bookmarks, shared Excel docs to store links, and some people get Devs to spin up little HTML sites with links and stuff, but it’s just not effective. People also store a lot of links locally, so same problem with bookmarks as when the links change everyone is back to square one.


You have key people who know where things are, so you just end up leaning on them to find things. But, if those people are not around then you are kind of stuck, so you end up with single points of failure which is what a lot of people end up experiencing.

‘Gurn for me is about getting to things quickly and not wasting time’

Q. How do you use Gurn?

Yeah…  so I guess my use has changed a bit over time because you guys have improved it. Primarily I use it so I can open single or mutliple resources instantly with a single keyword; it’s like an awesome bookmark alternative for work. But it does a lot more too.


Some specific examples would be:


  • I use it as a way to open up common tabs that I use using the multi-tab Keyword feature – I have lots of these which store different combinations of things I need for different tasks. So it can open our hub sites, Jive pages, Jira dashboards etc.


  • I use it to navigate to mock ups, stories in Jira, requirements. It’s great as I do a lot of jumping around in my tools


  • I use it in demos so I can quickly hop around to things and not have to rummage around for them again


  • I use it a lot to jump around Google Drive – saves endless clicking


  • A feature I use a lot is the search feature, so searching and using the ‘-’ after the Keyword to jump to Jira tickets


  • It helps me a lot when people do have questions about a link that they are trying to find or that they saw, with Gurn I can quickly tell them the Keyword so they can find it on their own.


Gurn solves my previous pain points around wasting time trying to find stuff, having to recreate things I know exist but can’t find, and having team members asking where things are.

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