Don’t worry, we get asked these alot

Where did Gurn come from?

Don’t you just hate it when you can’t find the webpage or doc you need?

Frustrating isn’t it!

We thought so too — that’s why we built Gurn.

So why the name?

For the Brits out there… we kept seeing the faces our colleagues pulled when they couldn’t find what they needed! And thought Gurn summed it up nicely 🙂 Just kidding…

Back in the early days of the internet some boffins came up with Uniform Resource Names (URNs) better known now as URIs (for the die-hards out there we know these are technically different 😉 )

As you’ll see when you use Gurn, you Go URNs all day long — so the name was right there under our noses.

How does it work?

Gurn runs in your web browser and enables you to navigate quickly and easily to what you need.

You pair your web-resources with keywords – these are phrases that describe the resource you want to get to, they can be whatever you like.

Once this pairing has been created type ‘go’ to initiate the tool, then type your keyword and hit Enter to be taken there instantly.

go wp login could take you to

When adding keywords you can tag them (please do this, you’ll thank us later). This is an awesome way to be able to search for and discover keywords you, your friends, and co-workers have added to Gurn.

Watch the Gurn tutorials to learn more.

But wait, how do I remember my keywords?

Never fear! Start typing in your address bar and Gurn will auto-suggest keywords for you.

Alternatively you can access your keywords through the Lookup.

Still can’t find them? That’s surprising; remember we said you’d thank us later (scroll up 🙂 )?

To search your tags simply type go tags- login wp wordpress and Gurn will return all the keywords that match.

Can’t I just use bookmarks?

You could, but they’ve been around for over a quarter of a century. We’ve all moved on, but bookmarks haven’t. C’mon! Cars can drive themselves now.

When is the last time you looked at your bookmarks?

Good luck finding anything in there…

And if you do, will the link still work?

With Gurn, it all takes place in your web browser, across any device and no matter where you are in the world – simple, clean and lightning fast.

Can I use Gurn at work?

Yes! It was originally designed for the workplace, and we currently have thousands of users located in offices throughout the world.

Why not join them?

Ok, I’m sold — how do I get it?

Gurn is free to use – sign up now

Interested in running Gurn on your premises? We have a flexible pricing model to suit businesses of any size. We’d love to talk.