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Developers spend more time coding with Gurn

Adding keywords
Multi-tab keywords
Saving tabs for later

Gurn enables you to navigate around all your different web applications, systems and tools that you use at the speed of thought. It does this by using the power of keywords. These are words or phrases that can be assigned to a URL and used directly in your browser’s address bar to navigate your web.


Gurn is already set up with keywords for popular services, but you are free to add your own. Watch our video to find out how you can use Gurn to speed up your workflow and let you spend more time coding!

How Gurn works

1. Select your resource

When you are on a webpage you want to add into Gurn, click the  icon to open the extension.


Select the URL you want to save and click Add keyword

2. Assign your keyword

Next you need to give the URL a keyword or phrase. You use this keyword to navigate back to the resource in the future.


You can add tags to help categorise the URL.

3. Instant access

Once you’ve created a keyword getting back to the site is easy. Type go in your address bar to activate Gurn followed by the keyword.


Hit enter and you will be taken to the webpage instantly. Simple!

Cross-browser support

Gurn currently works on both Chrome and firefox. Easy download and

hassle-free implementation!


How other developers use Gurn

Gurn is awesome. But don’t just take our word for it. See why other developers love Gurn..

“With Gurn I can now actually find what I need… I don’t like thinking about what it used to be like.”

Jack H


“I can get to where I want with minimum effort. I’m a complete convert.”

Owen R-H

Data Engineering Lead

“I use Gurn every day to get to the resources I need.”

Dimitri V

Product Manager

It all starts with ‘go’ in the browser

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