Let your staff work

Enable your workforce to get to what they

need instantly.

Instant retrieval with one command

Corporate workers spend 20% of their day looking for the information they need to do their job.

With Gurn your staff don’t have to be part of this statistic.

We can help you boost your workforce productivity.

Information retrieval made simple

Gurn delivers benefits to an individual and to the organisation

For your staff

Targeted Results

Targeted Results

Personalised, accurate and relevant results

Increased output

Increased output

Increase in personal & workforce productivity

Reduced stress

Reduced stress

Reduction in cognitive load

For your Business



Increased knowledge sharing

Risk mitigation

Risk mitigation

Staff use up to date resources

Rich analytics

Rich analytics

Insight into what’s being accessed

Why do people choose Gurn?

Faster workflow

Get to those hard-to-find documents, intranet pages and other web resources instantly with just a single command from your address bar

Launch your workspace

Save groups of tabs into curated workspaces and open them instantly when you need those resources

Launch your workspace

Collaboration made simple

Colleagues use shared Keywords to access popular resources, and can update them if a URL changes, meaning no one suffers from dead bookmarks ever again!

Gurn’s current impact for one of our clients


Gurn delivers the equivalent to us having

an extra 63 staff in our workforce

Dept Innovation Lead


daily users

Increased collaboration


user growth p/a

4 days

time saved p/a

per employee