Say hello to Gurn — the only bookmark you’ll ever need

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A man in a maze with lots of obstacles between him and the bookmarks he wants to reach

Finding what you need shouldn’t be this hard

Wave goodbye to bookmark managers
Say good riddance to dead links
Never use out-of-date templates or forms again!

With Gurn, we remove the obstacles that get in your way

It’s just one simple command
Be taken directly to where you want to go
Whatever you need – just Gurn it!

A man in a maze with clear direct paths to his bookmark

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    Time Saving

    Time is your most precious asset. That’s why we’ve built Gurn – to save you as much time as possible

  • One tool to navigate them all

    Intranets, Knowledge bases, SharePoints… navigate all these with Gurn to find what you need

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    Powerful Insights

    Gurn answers the questions you’ve stopped asking because it’s always been too hard

  • Collaboration

    We believe sharing knowledge is critical to success. At Gurn, collaboration powers everything

  • Rapid Navigation

    Too many mouse clicks spoil your day. Gurn enables you to navigate your web at lightning speed

  • Portable

    Wherever you go, Gurn goes… Home or work, night or day, your web moves with you

  • Power of the Crowd

    Gurn enables you to harness all of your colleagues’ knowledge to find what you need, when you need it

  • Effective Teams

    Gurn puts teams on the front-foot. Working together and sharing content has never been easier